Electricity arrears mount: NEA disconnects power lines of 14 non-compliant industries

KATHMANDU: The Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has escalated efforts to recover outstanding payments by disconnecting power supply to an additional 14 industries. These industrial units, which were previously availing electricity from dedicated feeders and trunk lines, have failed to meet their financial obligations, including fees and premiums.

This move is a part of NEA’s broader strategy to address electricity arrears, with a focus on customers with outstanding dues exceeding Rs 50 million. The initiative, commenced on December 22, initially impacted four industries with arrears surpassing Rs 1 billion.

Subsequently, the power disconnection was extended to five more industries. On Friday, NEA expanded its efforts, targeting an additional 14 industries, bringing the total number of affected customers to 23.

Among the industries facing power disconnection on Friday were Baba Jute Mill (Rs 56.1 million), Nigale Cement (Rs. 142.1 million), Triveni Synthetic Yarn Industries (Rs. 156.6 million), Himal Iron and Steel (Rs. 81.3 million), Jagdamba Enterprises (Rs. 479.8 million), Hama Iron (Rs 115.5 million), and Everest Paper Mill (Rs 213.6 million).

Moreover, Cosmos Cement (Rs 358.2 million), Shubhashree Agni Cement (Rs 381 million), Jagdamba Synthetic (Rs 475.3 million), Gharana Foods (Rs 59 million), Siddhartha Petplast (Rs 524 million), Butwal Cement (Rs. 329.8 million), and Narayani Spat (Rs. 784.9 million) also faced power disconnections due to non-payment of dues.

The NEA’s decisive action underscores its commitment to financial discipline and ensuring that industries fulfill their financial commitments for the uninterrupted supply of electricity.

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Saturday December 30, 2023, 04:37:08 PM |

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