Nepal, South Korea discuss EPS language test criteria after recent tragedy

KATHMANDU: In response to the recent tragic incident during a protest over the eligibility criteria for the Korean language test under the Employment Permit System (EPS), the Nepali government has engaged in discussions with South Korean Ambassador to Nepal, Park Tae-Young.

The meeting between Secretary at the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security, Kewal Prasad Bhandari, and Ambassador Park took place on Tuesday at the ministry.

The discussions revolved around the language test criteria and the recent decision by the government and the court to permit Nepali youth, who had previously participated in ship building, to fill out forms for the manufacturing sector.

The Nepali proposal received a positive response from the Korean side during the meeting. Rajeev Pokharel, the spokesperson at the Ministry of Labour, mentioned that the technical teams of both countries are actively working to resolve various issues identified in the EPS system.

Presently, around 175,000 Nepali citizens are eagerly waiting to work in Korea after successfully passing the Korean language test. The incident that occurred in Balkumari last Friday, resulting in the unfortunate deaths of two individuals during a protest, was acknowledged by the Korean side.

On behalf of the Korean government, condolences were extended to the families of the deceased, and tributes were paid to the departed youths. Both nations are committed to addressing the challenges in the EPS system and ensuring a smoother process for Nepali workers seeking employment in South Korea.

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Wednesday January 3, 2024, 11:35:42 AM |

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