Kathmandu named best natural destination by Tripadvisor

KATHMANDU: In a significant accolade for Nepal, the renowned travel website ‘Tripadvisor’ has bestowed the title of the best natural destination in the world to Kathmandu, the federal capital.

As part of ‘Tripadvisor’s Traveler’s Choice Awards-2024,’ Kathmandu secured the top position among the best natural destinations globally.

The awards, presented in seven categories, recognized Kathmandu as the number one natural destination for the year 2024. Tripadvisor revealed the best destinations across categories such as natural, trending, cultural, food, honeymoon, and sustainable destinations.

Kathmandu not only claimed the top spot in the natural destination category but also secured an overall ranking at number 24 among the best 25 destinations in the world.

Tripadvisor, being the world’s largest travel guidance platform, holds considerable influence in travel booking, destination selection, and planning.

Mani Raj Lamichhane, the director of the Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), expressed optimism about the positive impact of this recognition on Nepal’s tourism promotion.

Lamichhane highlighted the annual classification by Tripadvisor based on consumer reviews, emphasizing its potential to boost tourism in Nepal, especially in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic.

He further noted that the government’s commitment to doubling the number of foreign tourists visiting Nepal in the coming year, as announced by Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal, aligns with the positive trajectory of Nepal’s tourism recovery.

According to NTB statistics, 1,014,882 foreign tourists visited Nepal in 2023. The acknowledgment by Tripadvisor adds another layer of prestige to Kathmandu’s global reputation as a natural gem.

Mustang Listed Among “Must-Visit” Destinations in 2024 by The New York Times

Adding to Nepal’s accolades, “The New York Times” has included Mustang, a region known as Nepal’s Trans-Mountain District, in its list of must-visit destinations around the world in 2024.

Highlighting Mustang’s status as an ancient Himalayan kingdom with centuries-old rural charm and preserved culture, The New York Times recognized the area’s unique appeal.

This recognition follows CNN’s inclusion of Mustang in its list of 23 must-visit places globally in May. CNN emphasized the famous prehistoric trail for mountain trekking in Mustang.

Mustang, known for its religious, archaeological, and tourist attractions, features the renowned religious site Muktinath and the historical and legendary Lo Manthang, making it a captivating destination for travelers seeking both cultural and natural experiences.

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