Kamala Karki Memorial Foundation honors five individuals

KATHMANDU: On the occasion of the 9th Kamala Karki Memorial Day, the Kamala Karki Memorial Foundation has conferred honors, including cash awards, to distinguished personalities from various fields, organizations, and senior women from local communities in Nepal.

The foundation, during the event held in Nekapal on Friday, recognized the contributions of national athletes, journalists, artists, a social organization from Chandragiri Municipality, and senior women from Wards 14 and 15 of the same municipality.

Bhadra Kumari Ghale, a former minister and administrator of the Bhadrakumari Ashram, was awarded a certificate of recognition by the foundation for her significant contributions to politics, literature, social service, art, and the field of visual arts.

Ghale has played a crucial role in journalism, acting as a guardian to the nation for an extended period, and has received equal respect in the fields of journalism and municipal service in Chandragiri.

Similarly, Annapurna Post’s senior correspondent Mamata Thapa was honored with a certificate and a cash prize for her exemplary contribution to journalism. She has been recognized for her dedicated reporting that has been pivotal in shaping public discourse over the years.

Additionally, Anjana Maharjan, the gold medalist in the 2023 Women’s Karate Championship, Namrata Shrestha, Miss Nepal 2020, the Three Sisters Rock Climbing Club, and senior women Dhanamaya Maharjan from Ward 14 and Bhagwati Khatri from Ward 15 of Chandragiri Municipality were honored.

All the awardees were presented with a cash prize of NPR 10,001 along with a certificate of recognition. The event featured discussions and insights from Bhadra Kumar Ghale, former minister and social worker, as the chief guest. He emphasized the importance of preserving cultural heritage, praising the efforts of the foundation in promoting cultural values in the name of the late Kamala Karki. Moreover, Dr. Navaraj Lamsal, a renowned poet and literary figure, expressed his gratitude for the foundation’s support in fostering literature and culture.

The foundation’s chairman, Mohankumar Karki, acknowledged the importance of supporting recent publications in the literary and cultural sectors, specifically mentioning the assistance provided to the latest book. He also extended appreciation to the contributors and advisors, including Dayaram Thapa Kshetri, who encouraged respect for women across all sectors. The program concluded with presentations of poems, songs, and an art exhibition, Old Photo of the Chandragiri showcasing the culture, traditions, geography, and history of Chandragiri Municipality.

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