Gandaki Province prepares to legalize marijuana and domestic liquor, emphasizes economic sustainability

KATHMANDU: The Chief Minister of Gandaki Province, Surendra Pandey, announced that the provincial government is in the final stages of preparations to legalize marijuana and domestic liquor.

Speaking at the third Jaimini festival held in Kushmisera of Jaimini Municipality, Chief Minister Pandey highlighted the government’s intention to pass a bill during the upcoming winter session to officially sanction the use of marijuana and domestic liquor.

In his address, Chief Minister Pandey emphasized the dual purpose of legalizing marijuana. Firstly, he acknowledged the growing challenge posed by monkeys damaging crops in farming areas, noting that cannabis cultivation seems to be resilient against such threats.

Secondly, he stressed the medicinal potential of marijuana, envisioning its usage strictly as a raw material in the pharmaceutical and industrial sectors. The government aims to establish stringent laws to prevent misuse.

Regarding domestic liquor, Chief Minister Pandey stated that legislation to brand and legalize locally produced alcohol is in its final stage.

He highlighted that in areas dominated by ethnic communities, domestic liquor is often prepared and consumed clandestinely, serving as a source of income, particularly for women in villages. The government believes that addressing this issue will contribute to the economic sustainability of the province.

Expressing his concerns about recent developments in villages leading to increased migration, Chief Minister Pandey emphasized the need to strike a balance between development and preventing the outflow of people. He conveyed the government’s commitment to strengthening the legal framework to prevent the abuse of legalized marijuana and domestic liquor.

Chief Minister Pandey underscored the provincial government’s focus on creating employment opportunities within the villages. By fostering local production and agricultural industries, the government aims to establish an employment-friendly environment, ultimately curbing the migration from rural areas. The initiatives align with the broader goal of promoting economic growth and sustainability in Gandaki Province.

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Wednesday January 17, 2024, 12:40:20 PM |

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