Welfare Fund targeting construction and allied workers introduced

KATHMANDU: In its bid to extend support to the workers in the construction sector, the Construction Workers Welfare Fund has been brought into operation. The Fund was announced on Saturday on the occasion of the 26th establishment day of Nepal Construction and Allied Workers Union of Nepal.

The workers admitted to the hospitals and those facing hardships due to accidents would receive assistance from the Fund.

Union’s Chair Pradip Acharya said that the workers would get the assistance on the basis of the requirement of the needy ones.

According to Acharya, workers with minor illness would get between Rs 5,000 to Rs 10,000; those injured ones will receive up to Rs 25,000 and the workers’ families would get Rs 25,000 to perform the final rites in case any worker dies.

To get involved in the Fund, the workers should pay Rs 300 for their registration.

According to Acharya, the Union has planned to bring some 10,000 workers on board the Fund in the upcoming Fiscal Year. RSS

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Sunday January 28, 2024, 03:48:57 PM |

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