Mayor Balen labels inaugurating incomplete infrastructures as a form of corruption

KATHMANDU: Mayor Balendra Shah of the Kathmandu Metropolitan City has spoken out against the prevalent trend of inaugurating infrastructures without completing their construction, deeming it a new form of corruption.

Expressing his discontent, Mayor Shah referenced a recent incident where he received a letter advising against allowing parking in Dharahara due to its incomplete construction.

In a Facebook post, Mayor Shah highlighted the irony of inaugurating the White Tower two years, nine months, and 20 days ago without its completion.

He cited the former Mayor Bidya Sundar Shakya’s statement during the inauguration, emphasizing the historic completion of the work. However, the recent directive against parking in Dharahara contradicted this, prompting Mayor Shah’s critique.

Commenting on those who questioned how he reached the 20th floor, Mayor Shah suggested it would be more appropriate to direct such inquiries to those who shamelessly requested the prohibition of parking in an unfinished structure.

Mayor Shah emphasized the need for a national policy to address the hurried inauguration of incomplete constructions, branding it as a new form of corruption. He called on the federal and provincial governments to pass such policies to discourage this trend.

The Mayor clarified that parking in Dharahara has not been closed and is being operated free of charge by the metropolis. He asserted their commitment to managing the parking facility and preventing any attempts to exploit government property for private gain.

“We will continue to manage it. As long as we remain in Kathmandu Metropolis, we will not allow public property to be used for private interests,” Mayor Shah affirmed, urging a collective effort to ensure the responsible management of city affairs.

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Monday February 5, 2024, 01:40:42 PM |

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