Nepal emerges as the largest troop contributor to UN peacekeeping missions

KATHMANDU: In a significant achievement, Nepal has claimed the top spot as the largest troops contributing nation to United Nations Peacekeeping Operations, surpassing Bangladesh, according to the latest data from the UN Peacekeeping Operations website.

Nepal’s involvement in UN peace efforts dates back to 1958, with the deployment of five observers to the United Nations Observer Group in Lebanon (UNOGIL). The first Nepali contingent, the Purano Gorakh Battalion, was sent to the United Nations Emergency Force (UNEF–II) in Egypt in 1974, as per the Nepal Army.

By the end of November 30, 2023, Nepal had become the leading contributor, deploying 6,247 military and police personnel (including Armed Police Force and Nepal Police) to various conflict zones. Bangladesh trailed as the second-largest contributor, with 6,197 troops serving in conflict points.

The breakdown of Nepali deployments includes 42 army and police experts, 180 formed police units, 56 individual police, 104 staff officers from both the Nepal Army and Nepal Police, and 5,865 Nepal Army personnel engaged in peacekeeping missions.

Nepal Army spokesperson Krishna Prasad Bhandari expressed pride in the achievement, stating, “This is good news for us. As per the recent UN peacekeeping operations data, we have become the largest troop-contributing nation. We don’t know whether this pace will continue, but at present, we are number one.”

Efforts are underway to increase the number of female peacekeepers, as highlighted by Bhandari. Nepal has been actively seeking senior positions in UN peacekeeping missions and advocating for a higher representation of female peacekeepers during high-level visits.

The Nepal Army shared that Nepali peacekeepers are stationed in Congo, South Sudan, Abyei Sudan, Western Sahara, Israel, Lebanon, Mali, Syria, Central African Republic, Iraq, and Yemen. The participation of Nepal Army in UN Peacekeeping Operations spans 64 years and covers 44 UN missions.

Over the years, 149,890 Nepali peacekeepers, including members of the Nepal Police and Armed Police Force, have served in UN missions. The commitment has come at a cost, with 73 Nepali peacekeepers sacrificing their lives and 68 sustaining injuries during peacekeeping missions.

Nepal, contributing 10 percent female peacekeepers, has seen 2,554 women participate in various peacekeeping missions. Additionally, the country conducts regional and international peacekeeping training and contributes financially to UN peacekeeping operations, following the rules of the United Nations.

Nepal’s contributions extend beyond troop deployment, as the nation provides niche capabilities such as engineers, military police, and special force contingents. Nepali civilian experts also play a role in peace missions in their personal capacities.

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