Preparations underway for third investment summit: initial project list identified

KATHMANDU: With the Investment Summit scheduled for April, the preparation for the event is in full swing, and an initial list of projects has been prepared. As of now, 105 projects have been identified for presentation in the investment summit scheduled to be held on the 28 and 29 of the April.

Among the listed projects, the construction of an international airport in Nijgadh is notably absent. Proposals for the development of international airports in Gautam Buddha and Pokhara are also expected to be presented for investment during the summit.

Although the government has made preparations for the private-public partnership (PPP) model for the construction of Nijgadh Airport, it has not been prioritized in the investment summit. The list presented in the summit will include projects up to the construction of hangars by the Nepal Airlines Corporation, as per the Investment Board.

The government has formed a technical committee for the selection of projects to be presented at the summit. The committee has already shortlisted 105 projects. Among the projects reviewed by the committee, detailed project report (DPR) have been prepared, and environmental impact assessments (EIA) have been completed.

Several new projects have been included in the list of projects under consideration. The majority of them are hydropower projects. The proposed projects range from the Chandragiri-Palung-Chitwan Expressway to the construction of metro rails in different locations and the establishment of additional expressways. These projects have been planned within the current and past fiscal year budgets.

Projects such as the Chandragiri-Palung-Chitwan Express, Chitwan-Rampur-Butwal Express, and Thanchowk-Chitlang Expressway are also part of the inclusive list. Additionally, from the charging station for electric vehicles to the creation of a film city in Dolakha, development projects from Kaptad National Park to the West Seti town planning are also included.

The government is preparing for the investment summit scheduled for May. Various committees have been formed at different levels for the necessary preparations. Discussions and consultations have taken place at various levels and phases for the necessary preparations for the summit.

The government, from the Investment Board to the Ministry of Finance, has provided rapid progress in the preparation of the investment summit. The government has sought suggestions and recommendations from various sectors, including the private sector, for the selection of projects to attract foreign investors to new sectors.

The government has also prepared a long list of laws for amendment, exclusion, and addition as part of the suggested and recommended changes.

All these recommendations and suggestions will be compiled in one place, and the government will move forward with the amendment process in a swift manner. The list of amendments is still in the process of coming in the next phase.

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