Ncell improves 4G service in Gandaki and Madhesh Provinces

KATHMANDU: Continuing its Quality of Service (QoS) improvement drive, Ncell has improved its 4G service at the local level of different districts of the Madhesh and Gandaki provinces. With improved service, customers from over 30 locations in these provinces can now benefit from access to a better network and speed of 4G service.

This improvement is in line with Ncell’s commitment to ensure easy access to modern mobile broadband connectivity by expanding the 4G service.

The 4G service has been improved in over two dozen localities of the Madhesh Province, making it easy for customers to benefit from access to further improved mobile broadband and connectivity. The areaswhere the 4G service has been improved include Aaurahi, Balwa, Bateshwor, Chandranagar, Janakpurdham, Loharpatti, Matihani, Mithila Bihari, Nahara, Nawarajpur and Pipra, among others.

Similarly, customers can now experience a better 4G network in Anbukhaireni, Gharapjhong, Phedikhola, Pokhara, Putalibazaar and Tarakhola of Gandaki Province.Ncell remains committed to improving the already expanded 4G service in different parts of the country with the necessary investment, depending on the need for improvement. Recently, Ncell had improved its 4G service in various places of the Sudurpaschim Province and Lumbini Province.

Besides service expansion and network improvement, Ncell has also been bringing various attractive offers to ensure that customers get benefits from access to mobile broadband at an affordable rate. On Tuesday, Ncell launched three Double Majja Packs with prices starting from Rs. 150, enabling customers to enjoy a double data bonus on every repeat purchase of the same pack before the expiry of the pack’s validity.

As a responsible corporate citizen, Ncell has also implemented several Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects in Madhesh and Gandaki Provinces. Such projects include Adopt A School andModern Digital Lab in the government/community-run schools which have directly benefited thousands of students with access to modern learning methods through the use of information technology and improved school infrastructure.

In Madhesh Province, Ncell has established four Modern IT Labs in government schools, and supported seven schools with classrooms, toilet constructions, drinking water facilities and setting up libraries. Likewise, Women Adult Literacy Programme has been implemented to educate women from marginalized communities, while over 50,000 trees have been planted on 33 hectares of land in Dhanushadham.

Similarly, in the Gandaki Province, Ncell has set up Modern IT Labs in five schools and supported six schools with facilities such as classroom construction, drinking water facility, furniture, toilet construction, and educational materials through the Adopt A School Programme. Under CSR, Ncell so far has contributed to projects worth NPR 1.8 billion since inception across the country.

Ncell had launched 4G in the Kathmandu Valley seven years ago on 1 June 2017, as part of its commitment to deliver world-class services and customer experience through the introduction of modern technology and a state-of-art network.

Ncell 4G has already been expanded in all 77 districts, covering 92.09 percent of the country’s population.
According to the Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA)’s statistics, Ncell’s 4G subscribers stand at 6.88 million as of mid-October 2023 in terms of the Visitor Location Register (VLR) with 54.06 percent market share. Along with service expansion, Ncell has also been upgrading 4G capacity in its towers in various districts.

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