CIAA flags alarming governance flaws: corruption challenges pervade government levels

KATHMANDU: In a stark revelation, the Commission for the Investigation of the Abuse of Authority (CIAA) has exposed a disconcerting reality beneath the surface of the government’s proclaimed commitment to good governance.

The 33rd anniversary of the CIAA shed light on widespread flaws in public administration, raising concerns about corruption in construction projects, budget disbursement, grant distribution, and service delivery across all three government tiers.

Chief Commissioner of the CIAA, Prem Kumar Rai, disclosed that the agency has been inundated with complaints related to the encroachment of public property, bribery, misconduct, and the accumulation of ill-gotten gains.

Transparency is notably absent in public procurement and construction processes, and the government has deviated from appropriate standards in natural resource management during budget formulation and program implementation.

Rai highlighted issues such as collusion in project selection, unauthorized payments, exceeding environmental impact assessment thresholds, middlemen influencing public service delivery, lack of accountability, and delays in decision-making contributing to financial irregularities. He expressed concern that authorities often fail to take action against wrongdoers.

Calling for heightened responsibility among government bodies and office-bearers in safeguarding public property, Rai emphasized the surge in misuse of public land and the disturbing trend of selling government land for personal gain.

To address the rampant anomalies in public entities and restore faith in the government, Rai stressed the immediate need for corrective action and the promotion of good governance throughout the country.

He underscored that achieving success in corruption control requires a collective effort from politicians, officials, civil servants, and the general public at all government levels.

President Ram Chandra Paudel, addressing the program, acknowledged that corruption and a corrupt mindset have corroded moral values, weakening the nation’s foundation.

He called for a political resolution to effectively curb corruption, emphasizing the urgency of collective action to preserve the nation’s integrity.

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Monday February 12, 2024, 09:59:32 AM |

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