TikTok again requests Nepalese government to lift ban, Pledges commitment to guidelines

KATHMANDU: TikTok has submitted a letter with five points of commitment to the Nepalese government, expressing readiness to comply with conditions and urging authorities to reconsider the ban.

In a letter sent to the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology on Monday, TikTok reiterated its commitment to operate its platform in Nepal in accordance with the law.

The decision to ban TikTok was taken during a cabinet meeting on November 13, citing the platform’s spread of social hatred and violation of social norms.

Subsequently, TikTok, on November 16, sent a letter to the Nepal Telecommunications Authority and, on December 6, requested the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology to reconsider the ban.

In the letter sent on Sunday, TikTok acknowledged that the government had implemented guidelines related to social media, requiring platforms to register and open local contact offices.

TikTok has assured compliance with these guidelines and emphasized its commitment to addressing content that goes against Nepalese cultural and legal norms. The company has also stated its readiness to cooperate with local authorities and strengthen communication channels.

TikTok highlighted its role as a global digital platform, expressing the desire to contribute to the continuous development of the five main sectors in Nepal.

The letter emphasized TikTok’s commitment to fostering a peaceful, humble, and culturally diverse community. It mentioned the platform’s support for the global internet security and digital literacy campaign.

Furthermore, TikTok expressed its commitment to digitize educational content for the improvement of students in schools and colleges. The platform emphasized its dedication to working closely with the government to ensure content aligns with local cultural and legal contexts.

The letter concluded by expressing gratitude for the opportunity to discuss the matter with the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology representatives during the meeting on Sunday.

TikTok has faced criticism and a ban in several countries, with the company continually working to address concerns and comply with local regulations. In this context, TikTok has actively engaged in discussions with the Nepalese government, seeking a resolution to lift the ban and resume its services in the country.

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