EU and Nepal Launch Year-Long Celebrations Marking 50 Years of Diplomatic Relations

KATHMANDU: The European Union (EU) Delegation to Nepal has officially announced a year-long celebration to commemorate the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Nepal and the European Union. The announcement was made during a press conference held in the capital, where EU Ambassador to Nepal, Veronique Lorenzo, unveiled a series of exciting activities planned for the upcoming year.

During the press conference on Thursday, Ambassador Lorenzo expressed enthusiasm about the enduring partnership, stating, “This year, we celebrate 50 years of steadfast partnership, which grows stronger every year with our unwavering commitments to work together for peace and prosperity.”

The highlights of the year-long celebrations include the Nepal European Union Film Festival (NEUFF) scheduled to begin on 20th March, Europe Day celebrations on 9th May, the EU-Nepal Business Forum and Fair on 15th and 16th May, a captivating photo contest, and an exhibition in August. Additionally, the Erasmus Road Show is set to traverse all seven provinces of Nepal throughout September, culminating with the “Study in Europe” Fair.

Under the slogan “Growing Stronger Together,” the EU and Nepal commemorate five decades of diplomatic ties, establishing political and economic relations in 1974 and signing a Cooperation Agreement on 1 June 1996. Ambassador Lorenzo highlighted the significant changes both partners have undergone over the past 50 years, with Nepal evolving into a Federal Democracy and the European Economic Community transforming into the European Union in 1993.

Ambassador Lorenzo emphasized the shared commitment to a rule-based international order, peace, prosperity, human rights, and democracy. She also outlined the priority areas of the EU’s support to Nepal, stating, “As Nepal advances towards graduating from the LDC status by 2026, the EU and its Member States, our ‘Team Europe,’ will continue to support Nepal in three key development areas: Inclusive Green Growth, Human Capital Development, and Good Governance.”

Highlighting the future collaboration, Ambassador Lorenzo mentioned the EU Global Gateway, a comprehensive approach to investing in development, which will specifically focus on supporting Nepal’s massive potential in renewable energy.

As the celebrations kick off, the EU and Nepal look forward to fostering even stronger ties and cooperation in the years to come.

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