Bhupendra Bhandari appointed as chairman of the NTA

KATHMANDU: In a significant development for Nepal’s telecommunications sector, Bhupendra Bhandari has been appointed as the Chairman of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority.

The decision was reached during the Cabinet meeting held on Sunday, marking a pivotal moment for the regulatory body overseeing the country’s telecommunications landscape.

Bhandari brings a wealth of experience to his new role, having served in various capacities across the telecommunications, information technology, banking, fintech, financial consulting, and auditing sectors.

As an advisor to the Minister of Communication and Information Technology, Rekha Sharma, Bhandari has played a key role in shaping policies and strategies in the broader domain.

His diverse professional background includes notable positions such as the President of FinTech Company Pay Nepal, where he likely contributed to the evolution of financial technology in the country.

Bhandari’s international experience is underscored by his tenure as the CEO of Telekom Operator LASEL in Burundi and the CEO of InterGroup Telecom Limited in Sierra Leone, where he likely gained insights into the telecommunications industry on a global scale.

Bhandari’s domestic contributions are equally noteworthy, having served as the Deputy Chief Financial Officer of Spice Nepal Pvt. Ltd. (formerly Ncell), a major player in the country’s telecom sector.

Additionally, his leadership roles as the Managing Director of Pashupati Development Bank Limited and CEO of Karnali Development Bank Limited showcase his involvement in the financial sector, indicating a comprehensive understanding of the interplay between finance and technology.

During the Cabinet meeting where his appointment was confirmed, Bhandari took the opportunity to briefly discuss his background in the IT sector.

He expressed his commitment to collaborating with the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, outlining a vision for long-term planning to fortify and advance the telecommunications sector in Nepal. This commitment reflects an understanding of the sector’s pivotal role in the nation’s overall economic development and technological progress.

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