Indian Government Facilitates Access to SIM Cards for Nepali Citizens

KATHMANDU: In a significant move to enhance cross-border communication, the Department of Telecommunications of the Indian government announced on Monday that Nepali citizens visiting India can now easily obtain Indian SIM cards. This initiative simplifies the process, allowing citizens of Nepal and Bhutan to acquire Indian SIM cards based on valid official documents from their respective countries.

The eligible official documents include a citizenship certificate, a voter identification card issued by the Election Commission, or a valid photo-identity certificate issued by the Nepalese Mission in India.

Previously, Nepali nationals encountered restrictions, compelling them to use SIM cards registered under Indian citizens.

The validity of the issued mobile connections has been set at a maximum of three months at a time, aligned with the duration permitted for visitors to stay in India. It is noteworthy that no international roaming will be allowed on these mobile connections provided to Nepali and Bhutanese visitors.

Nepal shares an extensive 1,850 km open border with India, and on a daily basis, numerous Nepalese citizens cross over for various reasons, including purchasing daily essentials, receiving medical treatment, and visiting holy places. Until now, they faced challenges in using mobile phones in India due to restrictions.

Nepal’s Ambassador to India, Shankar Prasad Sharma, confirmed the easing of access to Indian mobile SIM cards for Nepali citizens. According to Sharma, the Indian government approved this new provision in response to the Embassy of Nepal’s request in New Delhi. In a statement on Tuesday, he mentioned, “Citizens of Nepal were denied a sim card earlier due to technical reasons.”

This initiative is expected to foster better communication and connectivity for Nepali citizens during their visits to India, addressing a long-standing concern faced by travelers from Nepal.

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