Founder of ‘Gyapu’ Online Marketplace Alleges Kidnapping and Extortion by Nepali Congress Leader

KATHMANDU: Gyanendra Khadka, the founder of the popular ‘Gyapu’ online marketplace, has filed a complaint with the police, accusing Nepali Congress (NC) leader Ganesh Lama of kidnapping and extortion. The complaint was lodged at the Kathmandu Valley Crime Investigation Office, and Khadka made the announcement through social media on Wednesday.

In the filed complaint, Khadka alleges that Lama, accompanied by Sahadev Kashapati, abducted him from Adarsha Tole in Dholahiti, Lalitpur, and forcibly took him to a hotel in Sanepa, where he was held captive for over 8 hours. During this time, he claims that the group demanded a substantial ransom.

In a statement, Khadka detailed the incident, stating, “A few days ago, on January 8, 2024, the notorious criminal group Ganesh Lama and Sahadev Kakshapati abducted me from Lalitpur, Dholahiti Adarsha Tole, and threatened and terrorized me by making me a captive in a room in London House Hotel for more than 8 hours, demanding millions of rupees in ransom.”

Khadka alleges that the kidnappers, wearing masks and caps, took millions of rupees from him during the captivity. The complaint was officially filed on February 11, expressing concerns that the case might weaken without any arrests despite the passing days.

According to Khadka, the abductors attempted to extort cryptocurrency, specifically Bitcoin, under the suspicion that he possessed it. After searching his mobile phone and laptop, finding nothing related to Bitcoin, Khadka claims he was coerced into signing papers worth 200 million rupees.

“They thought that if I had Bitcoin, they would transfer it, and I wouldn’t dare go to the police. So, they planned to abduct me,” Khadka stated. He clarified that he had not engaged in any Bitcoin business and transferred Rs 2.5 million to Lama, who continued making further demands in subsequent conversations.

Khadka provided WhatsApp chats to the police as evidence along with the complaint. He also mentioned that after making the incident public, pressure was exerted through various individuals to reconcile.

Despite meeting Ganesh Lama only once in 2071 BS through mutual friends on Durbar Marg, Khadka emphasized having no relationship with Lama. Lama, known for discussing the potential legalization of cryptocurrency in Nepal in various interviews, allegedly suspected Khadka of involvement in cryptocurrency transactions, a claim Khadka denies.

The police have forwarded the complaint to Lalitpur for further investigation, with both the Kathmandu Valley Crime Investigation Office and Lalitpur Police Range acknowledging the filed complaint.

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