Nepal Telecommunications Authority cracks down on ISPs permitting TikTok despite ban

KATHMANDU: The Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) has taken stringent action against several Internet Service Providers (ISPs) for allowing the operation of TikTok, a social media platform banned by the government due to concerns about its content disrupting social harmony.

Expressing its concern over the violation, the NTA has sought explanations from the ISPs involved and issued warnings of severe consequences under the Telecommunications Act, 1997. The government had imposed a ban on TikTok, citing the platform’s content as a potential threat to social stability.

In a prior directive, the NTA had issued instructions to all ISPs and mobile service providers to enforce the government’s decision to ban TikTok. However, it has come to light that TikTok remains accessible through certain ISPs, prompting the NTA to take strict measures against those in defiance.

To further curb the unauthorized usage of TikTok, the NTA has urged the public to report any ISPs allowing the platform’s operation. Reports can be submitted to [email protected], with specific details about the responsible internet service provider company.

TikTok had previously communicated its commitment to collaborate with government agencies to regulate content. Despite these assurances, the government has not made any decision regarding the resumption of TikTok’s operation in Nepal, maintaining its stance on the ban.

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Sunday February 25, 2024, 11:57:57 AM |

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