Samip Aryal tops Meta’s White Hat Hall of Fame for Facebook vulnerability discovery

KATHMANDU: Samip Aryal from Nepal has secured the top position for identifying a security vulnerability within the social network giant Facebook. Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has acknowledged Aryal as its leading cybersecurity expert. Aryal proudly shared this achievement on his Facebook profile.

The security flaw discovered by Aryal had the potential to allow unauthorized access to a Facebook account with a single click. As a recognition of his significant contribution, Meta elevated him to the first position in the White Hat Hall of Fame on Friday.

This is not Aryal’s first recognition; in 2023, he was ranked 27th in the White Hat Hall of Fame for his adeptness in uncovering security vulnerabilities within Facebook.

Additionally, two other talented individuals from Nepal, Bistrit Dahal and Sant Bahadur Gharti Magar, have secured the 7th and 9th positions, respectively, for their notable contributions to the field of cybersecurity.

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Sunday February 25, 2024, 11:05:16 AM |

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