NEA proposes 16.136 km 132 kV transmission line to boost power connectivity

KATHMANDU: The Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) is set to embark on the construction of a 16.136 km-long 132 kV transmission line to strengthen power connectivity in the region.

The proposed transmission line will originate from the Lahan Substation in Lahan Municipality-1 of Siraha and traverse through Lakshmipur Patari Rural Municipality, Dhangadhimai Municipality, concluding at the planned Sukhipur Substation in Sukhipur Municipality-6.

According to details released by the Department of Electricity Development (DOED), the project aims to enhance the electricity transmission capacity, facilitating up to 200 MW of power.

The double circuit transmission line will comprise 62 towers, each reaching a maximum height of 40 meters. The distance between these towers is expected to range from 150 meters to 395 meters.

The DOED has issued a public notice, inviting written opinions or responses within a 35-day period from stakeholders who may be affected by the construction and operation of the proposed transmission line.

This inclusive approach ensures that community concerns and potential impacts are taken into consideration during the project planning phase.

For the successful implementation of the project, a total of 32.961 hectares of land is earmarked, with 1.395 hectares required for the installation of the 62 towers. The NEA emphasizes the completion of the transmission line construction within a two-year timeframe.

This strategic initiative aligns with Nepal’s broader objectives of enhancing its power infrastructure and ensuring efficient electricity transmission capabilities.

As the NEA progresses with this project, it contributes to the country’s efforts to meet the growing demand for electricity, promoting sustainable development and energy security.

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Monday February 26, 2024, 10:42:35 AM |

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