NEA’s strategic initiatives improve power supply and reduce leakages in distribution areas

KATHMANDU: In the ongoing fiscal year 2023-24, the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has successfully constructed and commissioned nine substations within the electricity distribution system. These substations, boasting a capacity of 33/11 kV, were completed and operationalized since July 2023.

The NEA’s initiatives have not only contributed to the enhancement of power supply in the respective areas of substation construction but have also led to a reduction in power leakages, as reported by the authority.

Furthermore, the NEA has executed the construction and activation of 33 and 11-kilovolt (kV) as well as 400-volt lines.

These lines play a crucial role in supplying electricity from the grid substation to the distribution substation and, subsequently, to the end consumers. Additionally, the installation of distribution transformers has been a part of these comprehensive efforts.

Kul Man Ghising, the Managing Director of NEA, highlighted the organization’s commitment to expanding and fortifying the distribution system.

This initiative aims to bring reliable, high-quality, and ample electricity to consumers in areas that lack access and improve supply in regions already connected to the distribution system.

Ghising emphasized, “We are expanding and strengthening the distribution system to electrify the places where electricity does not reach and to improve the supply of the places that have been connected with the distribution system.”

The ongoing efforts include the construction of transmission and distribution lines and substations capable of accommodating high electric loads.

The NEA plans to meet the demand for reliable and quality electricity supply in major cities, industrial areas, including the Kathmandu Valley, and anticipates future demand up to the year 2050.

As part of these endeavors, the NEA has successfully completed the installation of various substations such as the 33/11 kV Chisapani substation in Ilam and Panchthar, Kshatiwan substation in Bagmati, and Bakaiya Rural Municipality of Makwanpur, among others.

This progress aligns with the NEA’s strategic vision, which involves upgrading and strengthening existing transmission and distribution lines and substations while initiating the construction of new ones.

The current projects are supported by the government, NEA, and the subsidized distribution system strengthening and expansion project funded by the Asian Development Bank.

Under this project, 25 new substations are under construction, 12 substations have undergone upgrading, and distribution network construction is also underway.

With five substations in the final stages of construction, the NEA continues to make strides in achieving its electrification and infrastructure development goals.

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