Ncell’s incentive programme to empower retailers nationwide

KATHMANDU: Ncell is proud to announce its latest initiative aimed at supporting retailers within its channel partner network. With a commitment to empowering every layer of its channel ecosystem, Ncell has implemented a comprehensive Retail Engagement Programme designed to incentivize and reward retailer sector/small shop owners across the country.

The retail engagement programme is targeted to 50,000 retailers nationwide and offers participating retailers the opportunity to earn points through the sale of SIM cards and packs. These accrued points can then be redeemed for a variety of enticing gifts, including televisions, smartphones, smartwatches, power banks, and Bluetooth speakers.

Retailers/small shop owners can sell Ncell products and services via Ncell Pasal app. Retailers who sell SIM and packs through the app are entitled to get additional incentives.

Under the programme, more than 1,000 top-performing retailers will receive exclusive gift items, with one fortunate participant ultimately winning a bike at the end of the programme. In addition to supporting retailers, Ncell is also focused on incentivising its field force team, responsible for ensuring product availability and delivering exceptional service to retailers.

Over 500 field force team members are engaged in the programme and more than 150 individuals are being rewarded with gift incentives each month for their outstanding efforts.

Ncell recognizes the invaluable contributions of channel partners, and it remains dedicated to supporting their growth and success. With innovative retail engagement programme and ongoing initiatives, the company aims to strengthen partnerships, drive mutual prosperity, and continue delivering exceptional service to customers.

In a bid to further improve customer experience, Ncell is continuously investing in the network and coming up with attractive offers to engage customers and ensure that they benefit from access to connectivity. For example, Ncell recently launched three Double Majja Packs with prices starting from Rs. 150, enabling customers to enjoy a double data bonus on every repeat purchase of the same pack before the expiry of the pack’s validity.

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