SEJON ensures member welfare: health insurance program launched worth NPR 159.6 million

KATHMANDU: The Society of Economic Journalists Nepal (SEJON) has successfully secured comprehensive health insurance coverage for its dedicated members.

SEJON has orchestrated health insurance amounting to NPR 159.6 million in collaboration with Himalayan Everest Insurance. In a ceremony conducted on Friday, Vijay Bahadur Shah, the Chief Executive Officer of Himalayan Everest Insurance, officially presented the insurance policy to SEJON’s Chief Executive Officer, Ashwin Parajuli. While the policy will officially take effect from February 16, the coverage spans a period of one year.

Addressing the attendees at the policy handover event, SEJON President Sujan Oli underscored the organization’s unwavering commitment to the health, well-being, and security of its valued members. President Oli revealed that the initiation of a health insurance program is a strategic move by SEJON to elevate the capabilities and welfare of its members.

“We are tirelessly dedicated to the growth and security of our members, a commitment that remains resolute,” Oli declared. “With a focus on promoting health consciousness among our members, we have successfully provided insurance coverage for all members through our fund.”

President Oli further emphasized that SEJON is diligently working in the best interests of its members, ensuring their welfare and meeting organizational responsibilities.

Expressing his elation at the implementation of the insurance program, CEO Vijay Bahadur Shah from Himalayan Everest Insurance highlighted the significance of SEJON members now having the opportunity to secure insurance through their organization.

Shah urged all Nepalis to recognize the vital importance of insurance, emphasizing that understanding its benefits is essential in minimizing potential losses.

This milestone initiative reinforces SEJON’s role not only as a prominent entity in economic journalism but also as an organization actively fostering the well-being and security of its members.

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Friday March 1, 2024, 11:40:21 AM |

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