Milestone achieved: Completion of first circuit in Koshi Corridor 220 kV transmission line project

KATHMANDU: In a significant stride towards enhancing Nepal’s power infrastructure, the first circuit of the Koshi Corridor 220 kV transmission line project has been successfully completed.

This project involves the construction of the Basantapur-Dhungesanghu 220 kV double circuit transmission line, connecting the Basantapur substation in Dharmadevi Municipality, Sankhuwasabha, to the Dhungesanghu substation in Maiwakhola Rural Municipality, Taplejung.

The newly constructed transmission line, spanning 35 km from sea level up to 3000 meters, is designed to transmit electricity generated from hydroelectric projects along the Tamor River and its tributaries into the national grid. Comprising a total of 127 towers, this critical infrastructure project is part of the larger Koshi Corridor Transmission Line initiative.

Six bays are currently under expansion at the Basantapur substation, with three of them receiving equipment installation and testing. The goal is to complete this phase of the project by mid-March 2024.

Nepal Electricity Authority’s Managing Director, Kul Man Ghising, highlighted the importance of this transmission line in ensuring a smooth flow of electricity from the 73 MW Middle Tamor Hydropower Project, currently under construction by Sanima Middle Tamor Hydropower Company in Taplejung.

Upon completion, the Basantapur-Dhungesanghu transmission line will facilitate the connection of power generated by the Middle Tamor project to the national grid. Ghising expressed confidence in the timely integration of the Middle Tamor project’s electricity into the Basantapur substation.

While acknowledging the completed transmission line and substation, Ghising emphasized that, due to the ongoing construction of hydropower projects, the 220 kV line must initially operate at a lower capacity.

He explained that power from hydropower projects, including Middle Tamor, will eventually be channeled through this line, supplying electricity to Morang and Sunsari districts via the Inaruwa substation. This strategic approach aims to improve voltage and ensure a reliable and high-quality power supply.

The Basantapur-Dhungesanghu transmission line project, executed under the Koshi Corridor Transmission Line Project Package-3, involved a contract with KEC International, India, signed in January 2018 for USD 24.5 million.

The completion of this vital infrastructure project represents a significant milestone in Nepal’s ongoing efforts to enhance its power transmission capabilities and ensure a sustainable energy future.

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