Private sector appeals for Mukumlung Cable Car construction to boost Taplejung’s prosperity

KATHMANDU: Six prominent organizations representing the private sector in Taplejung district have joined forces to advocate for the creation of an enabling environment for the construction of the Mukumlung Cable Car, a project deemed crucial for the prosperous development of Taplejung.

The Taplejung Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Hotel Association of Taplejung, and Construction Business Association of Taplejung have issued a collective appeal, stressing the significance of facilitating the construction of the Cable Car in Mukumlung to enhance Taplejung’s prosperity. This call to action extends to all relevant stakeholders for collaborative efforts.

The appeal highlights Mukumlung’s status as a shared heritage site for the region, attracting visitors and worshippers not only from Nepal but also from neighboring countries such as India and others. This underscores the imperative of contributing further to the region’s development.

In recent years, religious tourism in Mukumlung has emerged as a significant economic driver for Taplejung. With nearly 300,000 devotees visiting annually, there is a pressing need to foster business opportunities in Taplejung. Therefore, the private sector is urged to expedite the construction of the Cable Car while ensuring inclusivity.

However, the construction phase, estimated to require billions of rupees, cannot be solely shouldered by the Cable Car project. Hence, it is imperative for the private sector to step forward and make substantial contributions to Taplejung’s economic development.

This initiative not only creates local employment opportunities but also bolsters district-level tourism and fosters the development of additional tourist destinations.

In this ambitious endeavor, the involvement and commitment of all parties are crucial for facilitation and peacekeeping, along with the establishment of a conducive investment environment by the Koshi Province.

The private sector’s pivotal role in this regard has been emphasized in the appeal, recognizing its responsibility in driving Taplejung’s growth trajectory.

The appeal serves as a rallying call for concerted action towards realizing the vision of a prosperous Taplejung, powered by the construction of the Mukumlung Cable Car.

It underscores the collective commitment to harnessing the region’s potential and leveraging it for the benefit of all stakeholders, thereby laying the foundation for sustained economic progress and inclusive development in Taplejung district.

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Friday March 15, 2024, 10:39:44 AM |

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