Prime Minister Dahal commends Nepali achievements and Dr. Surya Subedi’s contributions

KATHMANDU: During the launch of the book titled ‘Prof. Surya Subedi: From Post Doctorate to Nobel Peace Prize Nomination’ at the Prime Minister’s residence in Baluwatar on Saturday, Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal delivered a speech praising the remarkable accomplishments of Nepalis worldwide.

Prime Minister Dahal highlighted the significant contributions made by Nepalis residing abroad, emphasizing their resilience and success across various fields. He commended their role in enhancing Nepal’s global reputation and stressed the profound impact of globalization on the Nepali diaspora.

In addition to praising Nepali achievements, Prime Minister Dahal lauded Dr. Subedi for his exemplary intellect and expertise in international law. He emphasized the importance of utilizing Dr. Subedi’s knowledge for Nepal’s nation-building efforts and extended heartfelt congratulations for his remarkable achievements. Dahal affirmed the government’s commitment to recognizing and valuing Dr. Subedi’s contributions.

Former Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Pushpa Bhusal, echoed these sentiments, expressing confidence that Prof. Subedi’s dedication and accomplishments would inspire the youth. She praised Prof. Subedi’s exemplary dedication, setting a precedent for others to follow.

Advocate Agni Kharel, former minister and senior lawyer, emphasized the invaluable contribution of Prof. Subedi’s knowledge and experience to Nepal and its citizens. He commended Prof. Subedi’s provision of rare books on international law to Nepal Law Campus, highlighting the importance of wholehearted dedication to national causes.

Dr. Subedi’s expertise in international law was further underscored by his key role in the expert committee formed by the Council of Ministers in 2020 to address various international issues. His meticulous analysis led to an insightful international-level report, reflecting his deep understanding of international law.

Dr. Subedi’s assistance in drafting Nepal’s constitution and evaluating past treaty agreements with various countries has been widely acknowledged. His balanced proposal for the recent MCC agreement, which was duly implemented, further exemplifies his significant contributions.

During the book launch event, Dr. Subedi elaborated on the highlights of the book, providing insights into Nepal’s democratic movement, Cambodia’s peace process, and their implications for international law. His expertise continues to guide Nepal through complex geopolitical challenges, reaffirming the invaluable contributions of Nepali intellectuals worldwide to the nation’s progress and development.

The book, published by Book Hill Publication, was authored and edited by the senior journalist duo Bhagirath Yogi and Nabin Pokharel, who have made significant contributions in the field, particularly in the UK.

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