Government moves to reclaim unlawfully occupied land of Bansbari Leather and Shoe Factory

KATHMANDU: The government has taken a decisive step to reclaim ownership of land previously occupied by the private sector, which rightfully belongs to the state. The Department of Land Reform and Management (DOLRM), Dillibazar, made the announcement on Friday, officially declaring the nationalization of the land originally belonging to the Bansbari Leather and Shoe Factory.

In a press briefing held on Friday, the department revealed its decision to transfer back 10 ropanis of land to government ownership. This move signifies the government’s commitment to rectifying unlawful land occupations and ensuring that state assets are properly administered.

The decision to reclaim the Bansbari Leather and Shoe Factory’s land underscores the government’s dedication to upholding legal frameworks and protecting public resources. It marks a significant development in efforts to address land disputes and assert governmental authority over public assets.

As the process moves forward, the government aims to restore transparency and accountability in land management practices, fostering an environment conducive to equitable resource allocation and sustainable development. This decision sets a precedent for responsible governance and underscores the government’s commitment to safeguarding public interests.

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Saturday March 23, 2024, 06:58:49 AM |

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