Nepal Tourism Board empowers female guides with rescue training initiative

KATHMANDU: The Nepal Tourism Board, in collaboration with the PasangLhamu Mountaineering Foundation, has provided rescue training to 25 female guides. Over the course of seven days, from March 20 to 26, 2024, the training aimed to enhance tourism quality by developing skilled manpower.

Aligned with the requirements for becoming mountain guides, the training focused on imparting skills to handle and rescue individuals during trekking and mountain climbing accidents.

Conducted in the Jakdol forest of Kathmandu, the training received technical support from the Nepal Mountaineering Instructors Association.

Hikmat Singh Ayer, senior director of the board, emphasized the necessity of practical rescue training in tourism. He highlighted the board’s commitment to strengthening tourism human resources through various training programs, including rescue, barista, indigenous music instrument, and tourism-friendly management, in the current financial year.

Ayer underscored the importance of developing skilled human resources to meet the objectives of the government’s tourism decade (2023-2033).

Throughout the training, participants learned rescue techniques for individuals trapped in difficult terrains, and those stuck in crevasses during climbing, enabling them to efficiently evacuate and bring them to safety.

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