Finance Minister leads preparations for Nepal Investment Summit 2024

KATHMANDU: In anticipation of the upcoming Nepal Investment Summit 2024, Finance Minister Barshaman Pun orchestrated a pivotal virtual meeting with over 40 Nepali ambassadors and diplomatic mission heads stationed abroad. The summit is scheduled to take place on April 28-29 in Kathmandu, marking a significant opportunity for bolstering foreign investment in the country.

Gathering late Friday evening via Zoom at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Minister Pun was joined by Chief Secretary Baikuntha Aryal, Foreign Secretary Sewa Lamsal, and the Chief Executive Officer of the Investment Board, Sushil Bhatta. The meeting aimed to synchronize efforts and ensure seamless coordination among diplomatic representatives in promoting the investment summit on a global scale.

Minister Pun, representing Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal, underscored the paramount importance of the investment summit, aligning it with the national pride and dignity of Nepal. Urging the ambassadors and delegation heads to prioritize the event, he emphasized, “The Investment Summit is tied to the honor, prestige, and glory of the nation.”

During the session, Minister Pun detailed the comprehensive invitation list, encompassing foreign development partners, esteemed investors, potential stakeholders, distinguished speakers, and senior government officials. He directed the diplomats to meticulously compile and furnish a roster of confirmed attendees for the conference.

Highlighting the government’s unwavering commitment to fostering an investment-friendly ecosystem, Minister Pun delineated ongoing policy, procedural, and legal reforms. He implored the diplomatic corps to disseminate information regarding these reforms, including amendments to numerous laws, and the drafting of additional legislation and bilateral agreements.

Emphasizing continuity and consistency in government leadership, Minister Pun reassured the international community of Nepal’s steadfast commitment to the investment conference and associated policies. Furthermore, he advocated for harnessing the expertise and resources of the non-resident Nepali community, urging ambassadors to convey this message to the diaspora.

The meeting witnessed active participation from ambassadors and delegation heads representing key countries including the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Bangladesh, India, Oman, South Korea, and Malaysia. Minister Pun urged for accelerated preparatory activities across various nations, particularly in India, China, Korea, and the Gulf, signaling a concerted effort to maximize global outreach and engagement in the forthcoming investment summit.

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