Ncell honoured with two awards at HR Meet 2024

Ncell has been honoured with two awards: the ‘National HR Excellence Award 2024′ and the ‘Excellence in Learning and Development Award 2024’ at the HR Meet 2024, recognizing the company’s overall excellence in HR policies, practices, and performance in Nepal.

The awards were handed over to Ncell on Saturday amid a special function of HR Meet 2024 organised by Growth Sellers Pvt. Ltd, an independent HR consulting firm. The National HR Excellence Award is the top HR recognition award in Nepal, and previously, Ncell was crowned with the National HR Excellence Award 2020 as well.

Ncell is the only company to receive two awards at the HR Meet 2024, a testament to Ncell’s dedication and relentless pursuit of excellence in every facet of business and operations.

Besides the top recognition, Ncell was also conferred the ‘Excellence in Learning and Development Award 2024’. This honourrecognises the company’s initiatives and commitment to nurturing the workforce and fostering a culture of continuous growth and development with international learning and development practices.

Sharing his excitement, Jabbor Kayumov, Chief Executive Officer, and Managing Director of Ncell, said, “This remarkable achievement is a testament to our efforts in nurturing our people-centric processes.

Each member of our Team Ncell deserves heartfelt commendation for their dedication and contribution to our shared success. We thank the jury and the organiser, Growth Sellers Nepal, for these recognitions.”

A jury panel comprising Prof. Dr. Bijay KC, Bina Rana, and Reetu Nyachhyon had decided to honour Ncell with the National HR Excellence Award 2024 and the Excellence in Learning and Development Award 2024.

Other awards conferred to different companies at the HR Meet 2024 include Excellence in HR Innovation and Technology Award 2024, Excellence in Employee Experience Award 2024, Excellence in Employer Branding Award 2024, and Excellence in Industrial Relations Award 2024.

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