Equipment arrives from China for petroleum exploration in Dailekh district

KATHMANDU: The eagerly awaited equipment for the exploration and extraction of petroleum products in Shiristhan, Navisthan of Dailekh has finally arrived from China. In the first phase of this landmark project, five small trucks laden with equipment successfully crossed the Rupaidiha border on Monday, traveling from China via Kolkata to Dailekh.

According to the District Administration Office in Dailekh, the equipment, crucial for the final drilling survey work for petroleum excavation in Jaljele of Bhairabi Rural Municipality-1, has also been delivered.

Khimraj Bhusal, Chief District Officer of Dailekh, confirmed that 22 mini trucks and one 12-wheeler truck have reached Jaljele. He further mentioned that while the smaller trucks traveled via Surkhet, the larger truck’s journey was planned via the Karnali and Mid-Hill Highway.

Bhusal stated, “We are currently making efforts to facilitate the turning of the 12-wheeler truck in Dullu Municipality-9, Paduka, where it halted due to road narrowness, by utilizing an excavator.”

Initially, the trucks carrying the imported tools and equipment were stalled at Rupaidiha for nearly three weeks due to a customs revenue dispute. However, following the Ministry of Finance’s decision, the project received clearance to proceed.

Dinesh Napit, Chief of the Petroleum Exploration Project at the Department of Mines and Geology, informed that a total of 150 trucks will soon reach Jaljale, carrying essential supplies for the final exploration phase. He added that while ten mini trucks have already arrived, the remaining trucks are expected to reach within the next couple of days.

Napit highlighted the recent improvements in road infrastructure, particularly the widened sections from Surkhet on the Karnali Highway to Sangetada in Dailekh and from Chamunda Bindrasaini Municipality to Jaljale on the Mid-Hill Highway, facilitating smoother transportation of equipment.

This significant project, initiated through an agreement between the Department of Mines and Geology, Nepal government, and Geological Survey Company of the Chinese government, involves an investment of Rs. 2.40 billion for exploration and extraction activities.

Despite initial target completion in 2022, the project faced delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, with the acquisition of necessary land and the ongoing construction of infrastructure in Bhairabi Rural Municipality-1 Jaljale, preparations for the final exploration are rapidly advancing.

The Department of Mines and Geology revealed that drilling will extend up to approximately four kilometers underground for the final exploration phase. Once the quantity of petroleum and gas reserves is determined, plans will be made to proceed to the subsequent stages of the project.

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