Spring climbing season sees surge: 264 climbers secure permits, Mt. Everest tops the list

KATHMANDU: As the spring climbing season gains momentum, a total of 264 intrepid climbers have successfully secured permits to embark on daring ascents across Nepal’s rugged mountain ranges, reveals data from the Department of Tourism (DoT) as of Friday.

The towering pinnacle of Mt. Everest stands as the primary destination for many adventurers, with 130 climbers from 11 different expedition teams granted permission to conquer its formidable heights. Impressively, among these climbers, 26 are women, marking a significant stride in gender diversity in high-altitude mountaineering.

Following closely behind Everest, Mt. Amadablam emerges as the second-most sought-after summit, with 38 climbers from four groups, including six women, obtaining permits for the ascent.

The allure of Nepal’s majestic peaks extends beyond Everest and Amadablam, as evidenced by the distribution of permits for other formidable summits. Twenty-five climbers are poised to tackle the challenges of Mt. Annapurna I, while 15 individuals have been greenlit for the ascent of Mt. Dhaulagiri.

Moreover, adventurers have set their sights on other peaks, with permissions granted for Makalu I, Jugal I and II, Putha Himchuli, Kanchenjungha, Mt. Himalung, and Tenggopa Himal, among others. Notably, a total of 60 women have received permits to pursue their mountaineering dreams on these diverse peaks, underscoring a growing inclusivity in the realm of extreme sports.

The surge in climbing activity has also brought financial gains for Nepal, with the DoT reporting the collection of royalties amounting to Rs 199.2 million solely from climbing permits as of Friday. This influx of revenue not only supports conservation efforts but also bolsters the country’s tourism sector, highlighting the symbiotic relationship between adventure tourism and economic development.

As climbers continue to brave the heights and challenges of Nepal’s peaks, the spring climbing season promises thrilling adventures and remarkable achievements against the backdrop of the world’s most awe-inspiring landscapes.

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