Makesworth Foundation provides scholarship to Nepali students, supports Ukraine residents

KATHMANDU: The London-based Makesworth Foundation, a charitable arm of The Makesworth Accountants, has extended its support to both Nepali and Ukrainian communities, demonstrating its commitment to community support and philanthropy.

In Nepal, the Foundation awarded scholarships to 25 students from Janhit Pancha Ishaka School in Hariwon, Sarlahi district on Monday, which also coincides with the birthday of Founder, Sanjay Sah. Recognising the significance of quality education in fostering academic excellence, Mr. Sah underscored the Foundation’s commitment to supporting children in their educational pursuits.

With a firm belief that education is the key to the Foundation of anyone’s success, Mr. Sah wants to give the opportunity to the underprivileged children so that they can pursue their dreams.

“We provide scholarship to one deserving ACCA student every year in Nepal. Starting in 2022 and continuing in 2023, due to the impressive potential of candidates, we also supported one extra student for a year’s ACCA subscription fees,” said Mr Sah.

Similarly, in the West Ukraine, the Foundation organised an event to provide the local residents in Yizhivtsi, Chernivtsi Oblast. Impoverished families, often burdened with caring for multiple children, received donation of food and essential items, bringing a glimmer of joy and hope during these challenging times. Mr Sah, emphasized the importance of kindness and generosity, expressing solidarity with recipients as they navigate the hardships of war.

Furthermore, through partnerships with organisations like Ecologi and B1G1, The Makesworth Foundation has made significant strides in environmental conservation and global impact initiatives. Over 16,000 trees have been planted, resulting in over 138 tonnes of carbon reduction, while various charitable events have been planned in collaboration with local charities and team members in Nepal and Ukraine.

“At Makesworth, our ethos is about more than just business. It’s about building a sustainable future while giving back to communities worldwide,” said Mr. Sah and thanked his family, friends and colleagues for helping him turn his dream into reality.

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