Gold prices surge to new highs in domestic market

KATHMANDU: On Friday, the price of gold soared in the domestic market, witnessing a substantial increase of Rs 2,400 per tola. Fine gold, in particular, reached an unprecedented rate of Rs 139,000 per tola, marking a significant surge from its previous value of Rs 136,600 per tola on Thursday.

Similarly, standard gold also experienced a notable rise in value, with its current trading rate standing at Rs 138,350 per tola, compared to Rs 135,950 per tola the day before.

In tandem with the surge in gold prices, silver also saw an uptick, with its price increasing by Rs 50 per tola to reach Rs 1,750 per tola today.

These substantial increases in precious metal prices reflect ongoing market trends and investor sentiments, likely influenced by various economic factors both domestically and internationally. Investors and consumers alike are closely monitoring these developments amidst the volatile market conditions.

Fiscal Nepal |
Friday April 12, 2024, 12:51:35 PM |

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