Stock Analytics Software (SAS) revolutionizes Nepali share market

KATHMANDU: Source Code, a pioneering tech firm, has unveiled Stock Analytics Software (SAS), ushering in a new era in Nepal’s share market. SAS, a first-of-its-kind platform in Nepal, is setting unparalleled international standards in financial technology, providing investors and brokers with cutting-edge tools and insights.

Since its launch, SAS has received widespread acclaim from industry leaders and users alike, marking a significant milestone in Nepal’s financial sector. Amod Bhattarai, CEO of Source Code, expressed satisfaction with the platform’s reception, emphasizing its role in advancing innovation and excellence in Nepal’s finance sector.

SAS introduces a comprehensive suite of features aimed at revolutionizing the trading experience. From real-time portfolio updates to streamlined account opening processes, including video verification, SAS enhances efficiency and transparency for clients and brokers.

Key features include effortless tracking of balances with brokers, access to five years of financial data for informed investment decisions, and powerful charting tools with over 100 technical indicators for market forecasting.

Moreover, SAS provides timely notifications on stock price movements, portfolio updates, and new investment opportunities. Brokers benefit from access to clients’ risk profiles based on transaction history, enabling personalized service and informed decision-making.

The increasing adoption of SAS signals a significant advancement in the Nepali share market, promising increased efficiency, transparency, and informed decision-making for all stakeholders. As the platform gains traction, it is expected to drive further growth and innovation within Nepal’s financial landscape.

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