Madras Security Printers rescinds blackmail demand, agrees to print smart licenses

KATHMANDU: In a dramatic turn of events, Madras Security Printers, under pressure from the Department of Transport Management (DoTM), has relented on its demand for $40,000 to print 120,000 smart licenses. The company has reversed its stance and agreed to proceed with the printing without the extortionate demand.

Initially, Madras Security Printers had adamantly refused to print the personalized smart cards until the DoTM met their demand for $40,000. This standoff threatened to delay the distribution of crucial licenses, prompting action from higher authorities.

Physical Infrastructure and Transport Minister Raghubir Mahaseth intervened, directing the Director General of the DoTM, Uddhav Prasad Rijal, to ensure the printing proceeded without further hindrance. Expressing disappointment at the delay despite the availability of 120,000 cards, Minister Mahaseth urged for swift resolution.

With tensions escalating, the DoTM issued a stern warning to Madras Security Printers, highlighting the potential consequences of blacklisting the company. Facing the prospect of being unable to bid for government contracts, Madras Security Printers finally yielded and agreed to print the smart cards.

Confirming the successful printing process, Uddhav Prasad Rijal, Director General of the DoTM, stated, “Madras Security has personalized 120,000 new cards for printing,” indicating a resolution to the deadlock.

Madras Security Printers, a licensed printing company, had entered into an agreement with the DoTM in October 2013. However, a recent contract awarded to a German company led to complications, with Madras Security Printers initially refusing to fulfill their obligations.

The resolution of this dispute marks a significant step forward in ensuring the timely distribution of smart licenses, averting potential disruptions in transportation services.

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