Nagdhunga-Naubise main tunnel breaks through, traffic operational expected in a year

KATHMANDU: A significant milestone has been reached in the Nagdhunga-Sisne Khola (Naubise) main tunnel project as it achieves a breakthrough. The main tunnel, stretching an impressive 2,688 meters in length, successfully broke through on Monday, marking a crucial advancement in the infrastructure endeavor.

Engineer Gobinda Damaru, a senior divisional engineer overseeing the project, provided insights into the timeline for operationalizing traffic through the tunnel route. He stated that despite the breakthrough, it will require another year before traffic can flow through the tunnel seamlessly. Delays in the project timeline were attributed to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and persistent local obstructions during the initial phases of construction.

While the tunnel has achieved breakthrough status, Damaru emphasized that significant tasks such as lining, equipment installation, and finishing touches remain to be completed. Once these essential tasks are finalized, it will pave the way for traffic to commence through the tunnel, with the timeline estimated at another year for completion. Previously, on August 6, 2023, the project’s emergency (rescue) tunnel also achieved a breakthrough, further underlining progress in the construction efforts.

The project encountered a brief hiatus on February 18 when locals in Dhading voiced concerns and obstructed construction activities, demanding compensation, water supply, and irrigation. However, after a month-long pause, construction work resumed on March 21, signaling a commitment to overcoming challenges and advancing towards project completion.

To adhere to the project’s ambitious 42-month completion timeline, the Japanese contractor Hazama Ando JV initiated construction on November 12, 2019. Despite setbacks, the project remains on course to deliver essential infrastructure that will enhance connectivity and facilitate smoother transportation routes in the region.

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