Sanima Group’s Mid-Tamor Hydropower Project Sparks Electricity Generation

KATHMANDU: A significant milestone has been achieved in Nepal’s energy sector with the commencement of electricity production from the Mid-Tamor hydropower project, spearheaded by the Sanima Group. The trial power generation commenced on April 13, marking a crucial step forward in harnessing renewable energy resources to meet the nation’s growing electricity needs.

Managed by Sanima Middle Tamor Hydropower Limited, a subsidiary of Sanima Group, the project has initiated trial power generation, with project manager Maniraj Pakharel confirming the connection of generated electricity to the national transmission system. Through the Dhungesanghu-Basantpur transmission line of the 220 kVA Kosi Corridor, the electricity produced by the project is seamlessly integrated into the Basantpur substation of the Kosi Corridor.

Pakharel revealed that following a two-week trial production phase, commercial electricity production will commence from the project. Currently, one unit of the project is operational, with preparations underway to activate all four units in the coming days.

After successful testing by the technical team of Nepal Electricity Authority, the project’s power transmission system has been connected, marking a significant achievement in enhancing the country’s domestic electricity production capacity. Executive Director Kul Man Ghising, alongside a technical team from the authority and renowned comedian duo Madankrishna Shrestha and Haribansh Acharya, convened in Taplejung to inaugurate the trial power generation from the project.

“In the eve of the Hydro-Expo 2024, this project completion will give a massive positive message to the domestic and foreigner investors as well,” Ghising said.

Ghising emphasized the pivotal role of hydropower in bolstering the nation’s economy and underscored the importance of private sector investment in the sector. He expressed confidence that the project’s integration into the mid-term transmission system will not only augment domestic electricity production but also contribute to stabilizing the transmission network.

The Mid-Tamor hydropower project, located near Mitlung in Furumbu, Fungling municipality, is projected to generate 25 to 30 megawatts of electricity even during the dry season. With a 50-meter-long and 11-meter-high dam constructed near Mitlung, electricity is generated by harnessing water from the Tamar River through a 3.4-kilometer tunnel to the power plant in Thumbabensi of Khokling.

This marks the sixth hydropower project completed and operationalized by the Sanima Group, demonstrating its commitment to advancing Nepal’s energy infrastructure. With previous successful ventures such as the Sunkosi Sana, Sanima Mai, and Likhu hydropower projects, Sanima Group continues to play a pivotal role in driving Nepal towards energy self-sufficiency and sustainable development.

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