Third Investment Summit Set to Elevate Nepal’s Economic Landscape

KAATHMANDU: The bustling streets of Kathmandu are gearing up for an economic extravaganza as the Third Investment Summit is slated to grace the federal capital on April 28 and 29. Organized by the Investment Board, the summit promises two days filled with insightful discussions, strategic networking, and potential investment opportunities.

The event’s itinerary, recently unveiled by the Investment Board, unfolds an agenda brimming with enriching sessions. The inaugural day will kick off with two special sessions, setting the tone for the summit. The spotlight will then shift to two plenary sessions: “Exploring Investment Opportunities in Nepal” and “Success Stories of Investments in Nepal,” aiming to showcase the nation’s investment potential and highlight successful ventures.

Day two is poised to be equally engaging with three parallel sessions hosting a plethora of panel discussions. From delving into Nepal’s renewable energy prospects to exploring innovative financing landscapes, each session will dissect key sectors vital for the nation’s economic growth. Parallel Session 3, for instance, will spotlight discussions on driving innovation in manufacturing, fostering a startup-friendly climate, and leveraging ICT as a vibrant investment platform.

With the theme “Emerging Nepal Investment Summit 2024,” the venue at Hotel Soaltee is set to transform into a hub of investment dialogue and collaboration. Over 150 showcase projects, including initiatives from the private sector, provinces, and local governments, will take center stage, offering a comprehensive overview of Nepal’s investment landscape.

Pradyumna Prasad Upadhyay, the spokesperson for the Investment Board, expressed enthusiasm over the growing interest in the summit. He highlighted the increase in showcased projects, now totaling 150, attributing the surge to contributions from various stakeholders. Upadhyay also underscored the meticulous preparations underway, including the setup of separate stalls to showcase projects and provide detailed information to attendees.

With the countdown to the conference underway, preparations are in full swing, ensuring a seamless experience for the anticipated 260 guests from 31 countries. Notably, the Board is actively advancing negotiations for Project Development Agreements (PDAs) and Project Investment Agreements (PIAs) for key ventures, signaling a proactive approach towards facilitating investment inflows.

Among the notable projects under negotiation are the Nepal-China Friendship Park, Upper Marsyangdi-2 Hydro Electricity Project, and solar plants in Kohalpur and Banganga. Additionally, discussions are underway with Dabur Nepal Private Ltd. for a Project Investment Agreement, further underscoring the diverse investment avenues available in Nepal.

As the summit approaches, Nepal aims to capitalize on the platform by issuing a call for Expression of Interest (EOI) for 20 projects. With six projects earmarked as market-sounding ventures and 33 in the preliminary identification phase, the summit serves as a catalyst for translating investment intentions into tangible opportunities.

Anticipation looms large as Nepal braces itself to welcome global investors, policymakers, and stakeholders to the Third Investment Summit. Against the backdrop of evolving economic dynamics, the summit stands as a beacon of hope, poised to chart a transformative path towards sustainable economic growth and prosperity for Nepal.

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