Nepal-Qatar relations elevated: high-level talks emphasize mutual growth

KATHMANDU: Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the Emir (King) of Qatar, arrived in Kathmandu on Tuesday for a two-day state visit, marking a significant event for Nepal-Qatar relations. His visit commenced with a meeting with President Ram Chandra Paudel at Sheetal Niwas.

During their discussions, President Paudel urged King Thani to explore investment opportunities in Nepal, emphasizing the potential for development and prosperity in sectors such as tourism, agriculture, and hydropower. Acknowledging Qatar’s global standing as one of the wealthiest nations, President Paudel underscored the pivotal role of cooperation between the two countries in trade, tourism, and investment.

Highlighting Nepal’s strides towards economic advancement, President Paudel expressed optimism about Qatar’s support in these endeavors. Additionally, he emphasized mutual cooperation on environmental issues, including climate change mitigation and mountain conservation.

Addressing concerns over conflicts in the Middle East, President Paudel lauded Qatar’s efforts in promoting peace and stability in the region. In response, King Thani expressed gratitude for the significant contribution of Nepali workers to Qatar’s development and expressed confidence that bilateral discussions would pave the way for enhanced cooperation, particularly in investment sectors vital for Nepal’s progress.

King Thani emphasized global environmental challenges, stressing the importance of implementing agreements to address climate change effectively. He expressed optimism that his visit would further identify areas of collaboration and strengthen bilateral ties.

Accompanied by a delegation of approximately 150 members, the Qatari King’s visit underscores the growing significance of Nepal-Qatar relations, especially in the context of the upcoming investment conference in Nepal.

Stakeholders, recognizing the contributions of Nepali workers to Qatar’s development, advocate for initiatives to attract Qatari investment in Nepal’s development endeavors. Suggestions include collaboration in sectors such as tourism, agriculture, hydropower, education, and health.

In a gesture of hospitality, President Paudel hosted a dinner in honor of the Qatari King at Soaltee Hotel, while security measures were heightened in Kathmandu during his visit.

This historic visit marks the first high-level engagement between Nepal and the Middle East, reflecting the growing diplomatic rapport between the two nations. Further agreements on cooperation in youth and sports, education, and scientific research are anticipated during the visit.

Established on January 21, 1977, diplomatic relations between Nepal and Qatar have deepened, particularly since the signing of a labor agreement in 2005. Nepal’s export of goods, including tea, coffee, drinking water, spices, and cardamom, to Qatar underscores the multifaceted nature of bilateral ties.

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