Stay always on with Ncell’s Border Roaming Packs for India, China and Bangladesh

KATHMANDU: With a focus on customers who visit the neighbouring countries India, China, and Bangladesh for various purposes, Ncell has launched an attractive Border Roaming Pack. The pack allows customers to easily stay always on at a more affordable rate during their short stays visits to these destinations.

Upon subscription to the pack, customers instantly get 500 MB to stay connected using data. Customers can activate the roaming pack at just Rs 100 including the applicable taxes and take the benefit of access bonus data and roaming service for 3 days i.e. just Rs. 33 per day.

The pack which was launched on the occasion of the Nepali New Year 2081 can be activated by dialing *17129*5# Likewise, customers can subscribe to this pack via mediums like the Ncell App, Ncell website, and digital platforms. They can buy the pack as many times as they want as per their communications requirement.

This pack is a perfect choice for those customers such as small businessmen, and transport workers, who frequently visit India from our bordering towns of the country and those who need to make visits to India for special reasons. Similarly, there are many Nepali individuals including businessmen and students who travel to China and Bangladesh for different purposes.

Once the customers subscribe to the pack, the roaming service to these neighbouring countries gets activated. For India, there is a whopping 32 percent discount on the Pay As You Go (PAYG) rate for incoming calls and making calls in India at just Rs. 16.48 per minute including applicable taxes. They can also send SMS at just Rs. 6.34 per SMS, which is 29 percent less compared to the PAYG rate.

In the case of China and Bangladesh, customers can utilize bonus roaming data to stay connected and use other services at existing standard rates. Once activated, the pack remains valid for 3 days and customers can again activate this pack based on their stay and service requirements.

A great benefit to activating and using Ncell roaming service is that customer would receive their SMS alerts while travelling, would not need to use foreign exchange for purchasing new SIMs and avoid changing SIMs when in the neighbouring/border country. Roaming services have matured over the years and are economical and hassle-free for customers.

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