Federal Parliament budget session commences today with focus on fiscal priorities

KATHMANDU: The federal parliament’s budget session is commencing today, with scheduled proceedings set to begin at 2:00 PM at the Federal Parliament Building in New Baneshwar. This session’s initiation adheres to the customary practice of convening at least 15 days prior to the budget presentation, as President Ram Chandra Paudel summoned the session on the government’s recommendation.

Constitutionally mandated, the government is slated to present the estimated income and expenditure statement for the upcoming fiscal year to the Parliament on May 28.

Preparations for the session have been meticulously undertaken by the Federal Parliament Secretariat. Spokesperson Ekram Giri affirmed that seat management and technical arrangements within the assembly hall have been concluded.

Giri disclosed that the executive committees of both houses will convene on Friday. Additionally, the Business Advisory Committee of the House of Representatives and the National Assembly are scheduled to meet on Friday at 12:30 PM and 10 AM, respectively.

Today’s agenda includes Speaker Devraj Ghimire reading out correspondences from the President’s office regarding bill approvals and from the Prime Minister’s office concerning workload increments. The Speaker will also announce the nominated members presiding over the session, followed by party-based addresses from Members of Parliament.

During the session, Chairman of the Education, Health, and Information Technology Committee, Ammar Bahadur Thapa, is expected to present the Security Printing Bill report. Moreover, Minister of Industry, Commerce, and Supply, Damodar Bhandari, may propose that the E-Commerce Bill 2080 BS, originating in the National Assembly, undergo clause-wise discussion in the relevant committee.

Ekram Giri noted that alongside financial, appropriation, and national debt collection bills, the government’s policy and programs, and the budget for the next fiscal year, will be presented during the session.

Reflecting on the winter session, which saw limited bill passage due to obstruction from the opposition Nepali Congress, Giri emphasized that despite delays, pending bills would be addressed progressively.

While the Nepali Congress maintains its stance on the cooperative fraud case involving Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Rabi Lamichhane, Giri emphasized the importance of prioritizing budget discussions, policies, and programs, while ensuring the progressive advancement of other bills.

He underscored that not all pending bills would necessarily pass during this session, acknowledging the complexity of some bills requiring further deliberation. Giri highlighted the readiness of the security printing bill for immediate presentation and assured that other bills would progress as committees finalize their reports

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