PM Dahal inaugurates Hyundai motor assembling plant, emphasizes government’s commitment to economic growth

KATHMANDU: In a significant move aimed at boosting the country’s industrial landscape, Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal inaugurated the ‘Hyundai Motor Assembling Plant’ of Laxmi International Pvt Ltd. During the inaugural program today, Prime Minister Dahal reiterated the government’s steadfast dedication to accelerating the economic transformation of Nepal while ensuring a conducive environment for investors and industrialists.

Addressing the gathering, Prime Minister Dahal emphasized the pivotal role of economic development in propelling Nepal towards prosperity. He underscored the importance of strengthening the economy by fostering collaboration between the private sector and the state, affirming the government’s unwavering commitment to facilitating both domestic and foreign investment.

Highlighting the indispensable role of the private sector in driving economic growth, Prime Minister Dahal asserted, “Without private sector investment and cooperation, our economy cannot thrive, productivity cannot increase, and employment opportunities cannot be generated.” He assured continued support from the government to create an investment-friendly environment, promote private sector growth, and safeguard investment sectors.

Prime Minister Dahal expressed confidence that the establishment of the Hyundai Motor Assembling Plant would attract more domestic and foreign investors, contributing to industrialization, import substitution, and job creation. By promoting local assembly, the plant aims to offer vehicles at competitive prices, reduce dependency on imports, and bolster local development initiatives, thus positively impacting Nepal’s gross domestic product.

Reflecting on the government’s economic policies, Prime Minister Dahal stressed the need for promotion-oriented financial and monetary strategies to fuel economic growth. He cited positive indicators in both domestic and international economic spheres, attributing them to the government’s concerted efforts.

Regarding recent legislative developments, Prime Minister Dahal highlighted the amendments made through an ordinance on the eve of the third investment conference. These amendments aim to address investment-related challenges, foster investor confidence, and stimulate both internal and external investment.

In conclusion, Prime Minister Dahal expressed optimism about Nepal’s prospects as an attractive investment destination, citing the collective vision and commitment demonstrated by political parties and investors during the recent investment conference. He affirmed the government’s dedication to leveraging these opportunities to propel Nepal towards sustainable economic growth and development.

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