Government proposes scrapping unnecessary infrastructure projects

KATHMANDU: In a bid to streamline spending and prioritize impactful development, the government has unveiled plans to potentially scrap or delay infrastructure projects deemed unnecessary. The announcement came as part of the government’s commitment to allocate funds more efficiently in the upcoming fiscal year.

Under the new policies and programs, projects with tangible outcomes and timely completion will receive priority funding, while those considered unproductive may face discontinuation. This strategic shift aims to ensure that taxpayer money is invested where it can yield the greatest benefit for the public.

Moreover, the government has outlined measures to enhance project monitoring and evaluation through the utilization of information technology. By leveraging digital tools, authorities aim to improve transparency and accountability in the implementation of development initiatives.

In parallel, proposals to review procurement laws have been put forward, signaling a commitment to bolstering the integrity and efficiency of the procurement process. Plans to strengthen the institutional capacity of the government’s procurement unit underscore efforts to promote fair competition and combat corruption in public contracting.

These initiatives mark a proactive approach towards optimizing resource allocation and fostering sustainable development, reflecting the government’s commitment to prudent governance and fiscal responsibility.

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Tuesday May 14, 2024, 05:19:47 PM |

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