IPPAN establishes policy research and land acquisition funds to enhance energy sector development

KATHMANDU: The Independent Power Producers’ Association (IPPAN) has launched two significant funds aimed at bolstering its role as a think tank and securing a dedicated building for its operations. The establishment of these funds was formally approved at IPPAN’s 22nd General Assembly held in Kathmandu.

Treasurer Narendra Ballabh Pant announced that the Policy Research Fund and the Land Acquisition and Construction Fund were created following the assembly’s decision. “These funds are envisioned to have far-reaching impacts, organizing members, planning policies and programs, and conducting extensive research activities,” Pant stated.

The Policy Research Fund is designed to gather essential data, information, and analyses on national and international energy standards. With a target of collecting Rs 30 million, the fund will support studies, research, and academic endeavors related to the energy sector. IPPAN plans to source these funds from energy promotion companies, as well as various national and international institutions.

The research initiative will provide comprehensive data on the energy sector’s contributions to GDP, investments from banks and financial institutions, job creation, public share investments in energy projects, and issues surrounding completed and ongoing projects. This information will be published to facilitate broader dissemination and inform policy-making.

Former Energy Secretary Suman Sharma announced a donation of Rs 200,000, including Rs 100,000 from the Urja Jyoti Samman award. IPPAN member Tek Nath Acharya also committed Rs 100,000 on behalf of Vision Energy and an additional Rs 100,000 to the building fund.

Treasurer Pant highlighted that the Land Acquisition and Construction Fund aims to secure land and build a dedicated IPPAN facility within five years. “The fund’s establishment reflects the significant investment in the energy sector, the government’s priority in this area, and the strategic importance of IPPAN having its own building to serve its members effectively,” Pant explained.

A separate procedure and a building construction committee will oversee the land and building construction fund, ensuring systematic progress towards purchasing land and constructing the facility.

These initiatives underscore IPPAN’s commitment to advancing the energy sector in Nepal through dedicated research, strategic planning, and infrastructure development, aligning with the organization’s long-term goals and the government’s energy priorities.

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