Government sets ambitious economic growth rate targets at 6 pc for next fiscal year

KATHMANDU: In a forward-looking announcement, the government has unveiled its projections for the upcoming fiscal year, aiming to propel economic growth while maintaining stability. Finance Minister Barsha Man Pun disclosed that the administration has set a robust target of achieving a 6 percent economic growth rate, signaling optimism for Nepal’s financial trajectory in the coming year.

Simultaneously, the government has underscored its commitment to curbing inflationary pressures by targeting a limit of 5.5 percent for the inflation rate. This strategic approach aims to safeguard purchasing power and ensure price stability, providing a conducive environment for sustainable economic expansion.

The ambitious targets reflect the government’s unwavering dedication to fostering resilience and prosperity in the face of evolving global challenges. By implementing prudent fiscal policies and strategic initiatives, Nepal aims to harness its economic potential and chart a course toward inclusive growth and prosperity for all citizens.

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Tuesday May 28, 2024, 05:04:19 PM |

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