Global IME Bank launches “Digital Universe” to offer most banking services online

KATHMANDU: Global IME Bank Limited has launched “Digital Universe,” making most banking services available online through the bank’s website. This initiative addresses the increasing global attraction towards digital banking and customer needs driven by the development and expansion of information technology.

The bank has arranged to provide over two dozen services online through its website. These services include QR code and POS registration, Easy Buy Easy Pay, e-com card applications, fixed deposit account applications, new credit card applications, mobile banking access, mobile banking block and unblock, debit card block and unblock, new debit card applications, debit card change applications, Green PIN (for debit cards) applications, credit card statement applications, credit card change applications, Green PIN (for credit cards) applications, credit card block and unblock, Demat, CASBA, Mero Share, TMS account opening, pre-mature fixed account, and more customer-friendly services.

Customers can visit the “Digital Universe” on the bank’s website or directly click on the provided link to use these services at their convenience.

Recently, the bank launched a separate lounge “Digital Universe” to offer various automated digital banking services, including check deposit machines, cash deposit machines, and ATM machines.

Global IME Bank has introduced the Digital Universe to provide the latest online banking experience to internet users. In today’s era, digital banking has become increasingly important, offering customers secure and convenient banking services at their preferred times.

The Digital Universe by Global IME Bank is a novel initiative in the Nepali banking sector, expected to play a significant role in the overall digital transformation of our banking industry and the country.

Global IME Bank is the first private commercial bank in Nepal with branches in all 77 districts. The bank serves over 4.6 million customers through more than 1,100 service centers, including 354 branch offices, 379 ATMs, 277 branchless banking services, 68 extension and revenue collection counters, and 3 foreign representative offices.

The bank contributes significantly to the country’s economy by bringing in remittances from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, India, Jordan, Hong Kong, and other countries.

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