Incessant Rain triggers floods and landslides in Sankhuwasabha district

KATHMANDU: Incessant rainfall throughout Wednesday night has triggered severe flooding in the Sinsawa River, causing a significant blockage of the Tamor River. The flood, accompanied by landslides, has created a substantial pond and severely impacted the local infrastructure and agriculture.

The Sinsawa River, which flows near the administrative center of Tapethok in Phaktanglung Rural Municipality, experienced unprecedented water levels, resulting in the obstruction of the Tamor River. This incident has led to the blockage of the Tamor Corridor road, a crucial link between Phungling Municipality and Phaktanglung Rural Municipality, particularly at Sinsawakhola in Tapethok, Phaktanglung-5 Tapethok.

Rajan Limbu (Mukti), the Ward Chair of Phaktanglung Rural Municipality, reported that while the water blockade is slowly dissipating, a large pond has formed due to the obstruction. Fortunately, there have been no human casualties reported despite the heavy flooding. However, the deluge has caused extensive damage to cultivable land, trees, saplings, and cardamom plantations in the area.

In response to the flooding, the rural municipality has issued a public notice urging residents to remain on high alert. The notice emphasizes the heightened water levels in the Tamor River and warns that other rivers and rivulets in the region are also experiencing rising water levels.

Local authorities are closely monitoring the situation and taking necessary measures to ensure the safety and well-being of the residents while assessing the full extent of the damage caused by this natural disaster.

Three houses swept away by landslides in Sankhuwasabha, one injured

Three houses were swept away by a landslide last night, leaving one injured at Kokti village, Angla of Khandbari Municipality-11 in Sankhuwasabha district.

According to the District Police Office’s officiating chief Police Inspector Ram Kumar Lamichhane, the landslide swept away the houses of Mani Prasad Rai, Ram Prasad Rai, and Dil Bahadur Rai. Mani Prasad was injured in the incident.

Being displaced by the disaster, they and their families are taking refuge at their neighbors’ homes. Nine families in various parts of the district have been displaced by landslides.

At Shekha of Khandbari-4, four families were displaced due to landslides, according to Ward Chair Binod Subba.

Similarly, five houses are at high risk from monsoon-induced disasters at Chichila Rural Municipality-1 and 2. As Lamichhane said, they are collecting details of the losses caused by the landslides in the district.

Landslides also damaged the North-South Koshi Roadway Project. A four-kilometer stretch of the road along the Khandbari-Kimathanka section which was about to be blacktopped was damaged in the landslides.

Furthermore, a flash flood triggered by incessant rain has damaged the local road in Num, Makalu Rural Municipality, disrupting traffic on the road. The estimated loss from this damage is around Rs 10 million, as reported by the local road office. RSS

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