Nepal’s IT Industry Gains International Exposure at London Tech Week

KATHMANDU: The Nepal Association for Software and IT Services Companies (NAS-IT) has proudly concluded its successful participation in London Tech Week 2024, the UK’s largest and most influential tech event.

Held from June 10th to 14th at Olympia, London, this event saw NAS-IT members engaging with global tech leaders, fostering collaboration between the Nepalese and international tech sectors, and establishing crucial connections to strengthen their professional network in the UK. The participation was supported by USAID Trade and Competitiveness.

London Tech Week 2024 focused on pivotal themes such as artificial intelligence (AI), data security, technological revolution, green innovation, and entrepreneurship. NAS-IT’s involvement underscores Nepal’s commitment to supporting innovation and providing its companies with opportunities for international growth and expansion. NAS-IT was proud to highlight the presence of 14 esteemed member companies, each showcasing their expertise in various fields.

Reflecting on the experience, NAS-IT members shared, “Participating in London Tech Week 2024 offered an experience beyond our comfort zone and a deep understanding of the global market, positioning us on par with other countries providing similar services.” They emphasized that events like these boost the confidence of Nepalese companies and equip them with the approaches used by other companies around the world for technology development, marketing, and sales.

“London Tech Week has provided Nepalese companies a vital platform to showcase their IT innovations to a global audience, attracting potential investors and partners,” said a NAS-IT representative. “This exposure not only enhances the international reputation of Nepal’s IT industry but also fosters growth through new business opportunities and collaborations.”

The event was exceptionally successful, offering hope for new collaborations, attracting potential investments, and providing exposure to the international market. NAS-IT looks forward to participating in such events every year to continue this momentum and further elevate Nepal’s standing in the global IT industry.

Additionally, on June 12, the Embassy of Nepal in London graciously hosted the NAS-IT delegation, along with esteemed international guests and diaspora communities, for a special event. The occasion served as a platform to showcase Nepal’s vibrant tech industry, encouraging both global and diaspora investors to explore its vast potential.

Gyan Chandra Acharya, the Nepali Ambassador, highlighted the importance of fostering mutual growth between Nepal and the UK. The evening concluded with heartfelt expressions of gratitude and a delightful dinner.

Furthermore, on June 14, NAS-IT organized a gathering aimed at fostering connections among Nepali tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and investor diaspora in London, with the shared goal of elevating Nepal as a global tech hub.

The Nepal Association for Software and IT Services Companies (NAS-IT) is dedicated to advancing the IT industry in Nepal, fostering innovation, and promoting global partnerships. NAS-IT represents a consortium of leading IT companies in Nepal, striving to position the country as a prominent tech hub.

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