NHPC submits draft DPR for West Seti and Seti River-6 Hydropower Projects to Investment Board

KATHMANDU: Indian company NHPC Limited has submitted the draft Detailed Project Report (DPR) for the West Seti and Seti River-6 (SR-6) hydropower projects to Office of the Investment Board of Nepal. Baburaj Adhikari, joint secretary of the Board of Investment, informed the government of the submission.

“The company that got the survey permit for the project has submitted the draft DPR. The final DPR will be prepared after the Board of Investment gives the necessary study response (comment) to it,” said Adhikari. Following the finalization of the DPR, the Project Development Agreement (PDA) process will proceed.

An agreement was signed between the Investment Board and NHPC Limited on August 2, 2079, to issue a survey permit for the detailed project study of the 750 MW Paschim Seti and 450 MW SR-6 projects, with the survey permit issued in October 2079. The agreement stipulated that the DPR be prepared and submitted to the office of the Board of Investment within two years of receiving the survey permit.

The 51st meeting of the Board of Investment, held on June 23, 2079, decided to entrust the development and investment blueprint of these two projects to NHPC Limited. Subsequently, the 52nd meeting of the Board of Investment on July 23, 2079, approved the memorandum of understanding for issuing the survey license.

The final DPR will provide comprehensive information on the social, economic, geographical, technical, and environmental aspects of the projects. It will also outline the estimated cost, project timelines, action plans, market assurance, transmission line construction, and financial resource availability.

The West Seti project, with a capacity of 750 MW, is estimated to cost 1.32 billion USD, while the SR-6 project, with a capacity of 450 MW, is estimated to cost 800 million USD.

Following the analysis of the DPR, if the project is deemed feasible, the PDA will be executed. The successful implementation of these projects is expected to significantly enhance Nepal’s energy infrastructure and contribute to the country’s economic growth.

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