House of Representatives Passes Appropriation Bill, 2081 with Majority Vote

KATHMANDU: The House of Representatives (HoR) has passed the Appropriation Bill, 2081 (Budget), securing a majority vote on Tuesday.

Finance Minister Barsha Man Pun presented the proposal for the Appropriation Bill, 2081 during the HoR meeting. The proposal was met with approval from a majority of the parliamentarians, leading the Speaker to officially announce the bill’s passage.

With the HoR’s approval, the Appropriation Bill will now be sent to the National Assembly. If the upper house also approves the bill, it will be certified by the President. Upon presidential certification, the bill will come into force, allowing the government to utilize the funds allocated in the country’s annual budget.

The passage of the Appropriation Bill is a crucial step in enabling the government to implement its financial plans and initiatives for the fiscal year, ensuring the smooth operation of various governmental functions and public services.

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Tuesday June 25, 2024, 04:47:09 PM |

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